Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gladys Knight and the Pips

Smooth Mix


1. all I need is time
2. best thing that ever happened to me
3. between her goodbye and my hello
4. can't give it up no more
5. do you love me just a little, honey
6. don't let her take your love from me
7. every beat of my heart
8. every little bit hurts
9. for once in my life
10. giving up
11. Glitter
12. help me make it through the night
13. i don't want to do wrong
14. i wish it would rain
15. if i were your woman
16. if that'll make you happy
17. is there a place (in his heart for me)
18. i'ts gonna take all our love
19. Keep givin' me love
20. let me be the one
21. master of my mind
22. midnight train to georgia
23. neither one of us (wants to be the first to say goodbye)
24. oh! what a love i have found
25. one less bell to answer
26. overlord
27. overnight success
28. point of view
29. so sad the song
30. Straight up
31. the Makings of You
32. the only time you love me is when you're losing me
33. the tracks of my tears
34. thief in paradise
35. Till i see you again
36. where peaceful waters flow
37. you

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